Concept, Design, and Roadmap

Initial Concept → User Research → UX / UI Design → Prototype → Demo

Together, we look at your vision and define the steps to get there, starting with a Minimum Lovable Product that showcases your strongest feature incredibly well and ensures a quick, cost-effective go-to-market.

Through user story maps, we translate your ideas into needs and concrete solutions for future users. These solutions are translated into interactions, interfaces, user experiences and graphics, to be brought together in an interactive demo. This demo is an essential tool for early customer feedback, partners and investors, and to serve as a basis for future product development.

This phase commonly takes 6 to 8 weeks, and is characterized by weekly workshops and followed by phases of design and the production of prototypes.

Architecture and Development

SOLID Architecture → Roadmap → Development → Testing → Deployment

We believe in the power of functional, robust, and beautiful products that people love to use. Here at we build such products from scratch using the best technologies available to us.

We work in an agile and pragmatic way. Short sprint cycles of 2 weeks give us enough time to achieve meaningful milestones, but also give us the opportunity to gather external input and close the feedback loop so that we can be quick on our feet, experiment with different ideas when needed, and pivot on a dime should priorities change.

Our team has deep expertise in different software architectures, such as MVC, Open-Closed, Microservices, and Majestic Monoliths and the development of a broad spectrum of applications from SaaS apps to low-level libraries, giving you the peace of mind that instead of cookie-cutter, we will customize architecture and development process to best suit you and your product idea.

Go-To-Market and Strategy

Product/Market-Fit → Customer Insights → Pricing & Business Strategy

One of the hardest parts of any new product launch is finding the right product/market fit that enables the traction needed to creating a sustainable business model, and forms the basis for rapid user and revenue growth.

There is no magic bullet for finding product-market-fit. Here at we draw on our experience as entrepreneurs and product managers, as well as the systematic application of the scientific method of observation, hypothesis, experiment, and insight for creating feature-value maps that ultimately distill your product roadmap to a set of features that your users deeply care about.

When it comes to go-to-market strategy and business model for your idea, there really is no one-size-fits all approach. While a hosted SaaS application may be applicable in one case, a distributed API with a mobile front-end could be the answer in another. Together, we can discover the best approach and model for your idea and give guidance on translating that to a sustainable business model.

Scaling Out and Going Global

Identifying Talent → DevOps & SRE → Multi-Region & Multi-Cloud → Performance Optimization

Your initial idea has turned into a launched product, you have found the right product-market-fit and your sustainable business is on a growth trajectory. Now it's time to think about how to best capture that growth, optimize user adoption and retention and how to bring your product to the global stage.

It's time for the project to stand on its own, with an internalized team that is 100% dedicated to its continued success. We help you identify, recruit, and integrate the best talent for your team(s). We train and ensure handover of the product with your own product, design and tech teams.

From a technology perspective, we provide guidance on scaling out the product and bringing it to a global stage. Considerations such as global content delivery networks, mutli-region and multi-cloud deployments, specialized data-stores for high transaction volumes, data analytics and business intelligence can be a key differentiator in how fast your product can grow and reach new markets.

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