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See how high-performing software teams are using Wave to enhance their Agile DevOps processes with Continuous Integration and Delivery.

Agile DevOps

CI/CD Flows - Your Way

Say goodbye to guessing how your project is tested, packaged and deployed to your customers. With Wave, your CI/CD flow descriptions are source code, too — so your builds and deploys can evolve together with your application code.

At a glance

Build and Deployment State

Wave shows you at any point in time, what code changes were successfully built and what commit is currently deployed to your stack environment. This way your devops feedback loops keep pace with your lightning fast software teams!

Change Insights

Increasing Awareness

Wave analyzes each of your code commits to display enhanced change logs, build and deploy contexts. This way, you are always up to speed on what exactly is being built and deployed. Wave also warns you about risky deployments so your SRE teams can make sure everything is running smoothly.

Code Branches

Continuous Integration

Always know which feature branches are ready to be shipped. Wave automatically discovers feature, bugfix and other branches in your code repository and builds all new commits on these branches.

Ship fast, ship often

Continuous Deployment

Wave automatically takes care of deploying your latest code changes once they are successfully built. In case something breaks, rollbacks to an older version are just one click away.

The best part? Wave is made for the cloud and integrates nicely with Slack, GitHub and Bitbucket so your build and deployment results are always at your fingertips.

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