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See how high-performing software teams are using Kalendar to track and report their activities for compliance, billing and internal process optimization.

Smarter time sheets

Data entry at lightspeed

Say goodbye to spreasheets and complicated HR systems that take chunks out your day with their painful and tedious input.

With Kalendar™ you are done in a breeze thanks to AI-assisted input that's REALLY fast. Kalendar™ stays out of your way so you can finish up your workday and get out of the office!

Keeping everyone in the loop

Team timeline

Kalendar's unique timeline view gives you a detailed breakdown of what your team worked on in the past week, helping team leaders effectively manage remote teams and keeping everyone accountable.

As an added benefit, the timeline view makes team coordination more effective, keeping all team members in the loop on what's happening around their projects - like a Scrum meeting that's always at the ready when you need it.

Manage your team more effectively

Team Insights and Focus Areas

Keep your team members engaged and healthy with Kalendar's unique team insights feature. Kalendar analyzes the workload and work patterns of your team members and gives you a heads up - so you can keep work-life balance in check and prevent burn-out before it happens.

Focus areas detail the top buckets that your team members allocated time to for each month. This way, everyone can check if they are spending their time on the things that matter the most.

Track time and costs

Project Insights

With Kalendar™ you can track time and costs for each project, from a birds-eye view that aggregates data for each month all the way down to individual task entries for each team member.

Balance workloads and eliminate critical paths with the top contributor view.

Create monthly billing reports for customer projects.

Personalized Reports

Become more efficient

Your personalized reports help keeping you on track. The weekly view aggregates your task entries and sorts your data by time spent in each project or focus area.

Feeling like you are spending way too much time in meetings? Create a focus area called "meetings" and track your time spend against it - your personalized reports will automatically highlight meeting time vs. project time.

There are many more features to explore in Kalendar, like project tags, PDF reports, or health insights. Be sure to book a demo to see everything that Kalendar has to offer!

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